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About our company

ShipLima is a company dedicated to solving complex logistics challenges. Our total commitment to the environment and our passion for simplicity is what makes ShipLima the smartest and greenest transportation management software alternative.

We believe in all levels of optimization, from transparent integration into the tools you already use, to enabling an elastic cloud infrastructure that can grow instantly based on your business demands, to our constant pursuit of developing best of breed algorithms to managing a robust mobile platform to run your ShipLima SaaS transportation management software.

In today’s competitive business, enable ShipLima to take care of your transportation management needs so you may concentrate on what you do best, your business! Squeeze the Lima and watch your business grow!

Our history

ShipLima was formed by a highly energetic group of individuals with many years of experience in the technology and transportation industries. After working on their respective areas of expertise, this group clearly understood the lack of a simple approach to solving complex logistics challenges. ShipLima was designed from the ground up to fill this gap, with the ultimate goal of producing a transportation management software built for speed, security and most of all, simplicity.

Why ShipLima!

SECURITYOur security management model consists of four main states, Plan, Do, Check and Act, as recommended by the ISO 27001 standard. Our customer security program, built on the foundation of this model, combines Lima expertise with technology and services yielding a differentiated service level to our customers.
SPEEDWhile designing ShipLima, performance took central stage and several processes were designed and redesigned in order to improve in some case milliseconds. The outcome surprised even our most senior engineers, with a product that is indeed capable of handling heavy loads of our most demanding customers.
SIMPLICITYShipLima’s designers’ main goal was to develop a product built for simplicity in order to enable all enterprise levels a smooth and personalized experience. Whether planning, rate-shopping, tracking, downloading statements, shipping or auditing, ShipLima has tailored the user experience to meet all roles within and beyond the enterprise.

Social responsibility

The responsibility policy of ShipLima is embedded in ourprivacy policy and terms and conditionsguided by standards and best practices, and driven by our aspiration for excellence in the overall performance of our business.

ShipLima is responsible for the implementation of this policy and will make the necessary resources available to fulfil our responsibilities.